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05 June 2009 @ 09:08 pm


anyway, i am at the nico nico douga phase now so i am going to introduce songs done by nico nico artists~
i know my livejournal friends are mostly concern about JE only but even if you HATE anime-ish type of song, I am sure you will still enjoy the remakes.
i find myself liking songs that are done by a certain nico nico singer when initially i dont even care about that song.
so please do listen to it yah? -begs-

i am going to start with the ending song of K-ON!.
well, i didnt watch that anime but i get to know the song while exploring nico nico douga and youtube.

for those who have not heard the song, here it is (original):

now for the good stuff!
remember i said about nico nico douga remakes having different type of genres?
1 of it is the nico nico band (not officially name).
there are nico nico users who will upload videos of themselves playing an instrument along with the song.
and there will be this person who will take the different videos of different people playing different instruments, and mash them together to form a song.
sometimes the vocalist stays the same as the original but there will be time when it is sang by a nico nico singer or even singers.

here's a nico nico band version of  don't say "lazy" (note: they did not come together to do a collaboration. it's a mashup): not the best but you get the idea. i will post other better ones next time.

here's a band version done by a erm.. band XD (male vocalist):

and a mashup!! i dont know the romanji title for the 2nd song (you can hear it in the nico nico ryuuseigun i've posted) but i will intro the song to you next time! (and i like how the picture is a drawing of music station. nico nico users does this often):

i wanted to post my favourites songs but there are so many versions and i dont think it's healthy for my lj friends who are not exposed to nico nico douga culture. next time!

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05 June 2009 @ 12:37 am
omg people i am so so so so so addicted to nico nico douga's stuff right now!
i have like at least 5 different versions of the same songs and i am still searching.
for those who do not know what nico nico douga is, it's known as the japanese youtube.

1 of the type of creative things the nico user came out with:


dammit, they have such awesome stuff there!
i promise after i finish exploring, i will introduce some really nice remakes and mashups.

here's the website: http://www.nicovideo.jp/
what is nico nico douga?: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nico_Nico_Douga
how to resigter?: http://thenextweb.com/2008/01/15/how-to-register-for-japanese-video-site-nico-nico-douga/

there are different type of stuff nico nico users do. i am obsessed with 3 genres now, whcih is:
Nico Nico Medley, Nico Nico Chorus, Nico Nico Band.
those are not the official names but that's how i differentiate them.
and it requires so much explanation in order for you to really enjoy it!
i promise to will do a real post soon.

here's the 1st nico nico medley i've heard. it's called nico nico ryuuseigun (sp?).
there are many many many versions of nico nico medleys done by different nico nico artists.
and there are even mashups of alot of versions of the medleys to make it sound like they are singing together.
so here's a version done by nayuta. from what i've gathered, she can imitate lucky stars and haruhi characters voices.
and for this version, she uses konata and haruhi voice to sing.
well i dont understand japanese so i am not sure whether my info is correct.
please spend 15 mins listening to it. it's really addictive!
it's 15 mins long so there's 2 part. PLEASE FINISH IT.



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shall introduce more in the next post other time.

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31 May 2009 @ 11:10 am

the new mocca tv online ad is so freaking annoying!
and it is appearing  on livejournal too often.
even after changing my preference of ad to something not related to the net,
it is still appearing and REALLY VERY NOISY!
it wont bother me if there's no audio but the "click click" sound the ad makes is, i repeat, ANNOYING!!!!

oh and i really like this song now (random i know XD):

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14 May 2009 @ 12:04 am
justina is extremely lazy nowadays.

i am sorry for not doing any comments because i am really really lazy.
i really do read all my friends journal updates but sometimes it's just difficult to say something interesting or constructive.
in fact, right now, i am just commenting for fear of being cut.
but i am really tired =(
so if you are really uncomfortable with me not commenting in your journal entires, please just comment here and then remove me from your friend list.

thank you -hugs-
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09 April 2009 @ 09:03 pm


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07 April 2009 @ 10:46 pm

i've just finished watching Kiina [http://wiki.d-addicts.com/Kiina]. for those who enjoyed Galileo, you should watch this drama as they are kinda similar. you know how the sensei in Galileo always scribble a bunch of equations when he found a clue (in every single episode)? well, Kiina read a bunch of books and have those information surrounds her before she "Found It." and then fell asleep almost immediately (in every single episode). it's really a good drama and i've learnt alot from this drama. the final episode is awesome!!!!!

Watch it here!
Ep 1-5 : http://www.mysoju.com/kiina/
The rest: http://www.viikii.net/channels/goto/kiina

since i love watching anime-ish drama, i tried watching Mei-chan no Shitsuji [http://wiki.d-addicts.com/Mei-chan_no_Shitsuji]. it was funny and enjoyable during the 1st half of the episode but when the bullying comes in, i can't continue to watch it anymore. the concept is awesome but i cant stand those annoying rich bitches. also, i think the main character's acting is too awkward, makes me want to slap her. even though i find Horikita Maki annoying, i enjoyed her performance in Hana Kimi and thought she would do a better job if she is the main character in this show instead of Eikura Nana. meanwhile, Mizushima Hiro did a good job being the perfect butler, no wonder he's called the super ikemen of ikemen (or whatever is the real title).
man, i am too bored =(

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31 March 2009 @ 11:36 pm

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24 March 2009 @ 09:37 pm
Today, I went back to school to disturb Chee An.
I made her watch Arashi videos with me (I showed her the haunted house and 1 episode of D no Arashi).
She decided that she likes Ohno the best because he is the low tension guy. (wait till I show her his high tension part).
The girl who likes Maru from Eito actually likes Ohno!
Quite abit of a differences neh? XD

Since I'm considered a new Arashi fan, I was busy downloading past Arashi variety shows.
Ohno seems to talk more in the past (aka D no Arashi) compared to now when he have to be "cue" by the other members.
Not that I am complaining though, since both are cute.
Also, I remember watching a Johnny Jr clip from LONG AGO,
where the Jrs from "golden age" (aka Arashi, TxT, K8, 4tops etc.) were running a marathon in Hawaii.
I remember it was Matsujun who was the last.
And in the backstage of 1 of the johnny's sports event where they a physical test, Mastjun was weaker than the rest.
And then in 1 of the Utaban episode where Sho complain that Matsujun called him at 4,
and when Matsujun apologise, Sho said "I will kill you" (something like that).
But somehow along the way, Sho and Matsujun had switched roles huh?
Interesting~ LOL

Anyway, eighters who are still active on my friend list,
I'm just wondering where can I dl the subbed version of the 2nd Daidaman (is it even called Daidaman?)
I've watched that episode but had accidentally deleted it together with my Super Junior Videos =(
It's the episode where  they played with the high speed camera.
Thanks in advance to whoever is going to lead me to that precious video.

Oh, and I am trying to get into the Tokio fandom too XD

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13 March 2009 @ 07:38 pm

ehh i know i am pretty late at this but i really want to talk about it.
for those who do pay attention to dbsk/thsk, will know how they arent allowed on music station, until only recently,
where they appeared on the same day as boa and arashi.

ok, so here's the rant. i am sorry if i do offend any dbsk fans on my friendlist.

lj cut because i love my friendlistCollapse )

and i am sorry if my journal entries always lacks images.
i really have nothing to share =(

anyway, here's a nice song and interesting video.

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12 March 2009 @ 03:36 pm

Yes, I know I'm like dead since forever but I do check my friend page everyday!
During this period of time, there are lots of changes in my life.
So here's a little update, for those who cares!

Yup, so referring to the last post in this journal, I went on hiatus because I wanted to concentrate on my life.
It's going pretty smoothly (at least I think so).
I learnt to take care of my skin properly and also learnt to put on makeup.
I feel great!
The dieting wasn't very smooth though but currently my focus is more on my face.
Being a girl is really costly heh? The amount of money I spent on my face is WOW!

Ok, I didn't stop fangirling after I went on a hiatus.
I do check on Eito every now and then, through my lovely livejournal friends (YOU!).
However, there's this period of time, I got into Super Junior, all thanks to EHB (exploration of the human body).
It's a pretty interesting show and Super Junior is an interesting bunch, just like Eito!

School was tough and I made a big decision to change to another course, after 2 years in TP Design.
But don't worry, I am fully prepared to start from year 1 all over again.

Right now, I am on a downloading spree!
I am super into Arashi now (all thanks to the awesome fansub groups!)
So I am trying to get my hands on as many videos as possible.
I am not so sure how Kanjani8 is doing right now though.
Because Arashi is senpai, naturally, there are more sources of updates I can get regarding them.
Eito is pretty difficult though since I can only get from the community (and friends).

So do update yah?

(Oh yes, I am really back now =D)

Ps. I apologise for not commeting for such a long time. I promise to try to comment from now on, since I am back from hiatus. Right now, I need more Arashi friends XD
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